Books for Dialogic Reading with 2 to 4 Year Olds

If you're choosing a book with rich dialogic reading opportunities with 2 to 4 years olds consider the following points:
  1. Is this a book that is of strong interest to the child?
  2. Does it present plenty of question and answer opportunities?
  3. Will the illustrations catch the child's attention?
Here are some suggestions;

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar 
 by Eric Carle 

Watch with your child as the caterpillar grows and eats until...surprise!

2. Chalk
by Bill Thomson

A delightful picture book based on the drawings of a little boy with magic chalk.

3. Are You a Ladybug ?
by Judy allen and Tudor Humphries

A fun little book about the life cycle of the ladybug.

4. Jacks House
by Karen Magnuson Beil, Illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka

Watch a house being built by dogs as they help their human.

5. Blue Hat, Green Hat
by Sandra Boynton

A delightful tale with bright colors, lots of funny pictures and giggles all around.

6. Opposites
by Sandra Boynton

Explore opposties with a young reader and laugh together at the humorous illustrations.

7.The Cat in the Hat
  by Dr. Suess
 A children's classic  to be enjoyed by the next generation.

8. Clip Clop
by Nicola Smee

a pony takes his friends for a ride. A great way to talk about animal
names and noises. Prompt discussion about fast as slow and stop
as the pony gallops with his happy friends on board before
stopping, uh oh!

9. I Know a Hippo
By Charles Fuge

A young child plays with all her imaginary friends.
The whimsical illlustrations provide lots of material for     
child and reader to explore. 

10.  Hands Can
by Cheryl Willis Hudson
Photographs by John-Francis Bourke

What can your hands do? Bright happy photos of children using their hands to play ball, and wave good bye. 

11. The Treasure Bath 
by Dan Andreasen     (age range 2-6)

A delightful wordless book about a little boy and his bath. Watch as a chore turns into a fun time.

12. The Colors 
 by Monique Felix     (Age range 4-6)
Learn colors by following the mouse through the book.

13. Tracy’s Mess  

by Elise Peterson. 
Illustrated by Iza Peterson   (Age range 3-7)

Cleaning your room is never fun.  Enjoy this funny story about a little girl's efforts to do just that.


14. The way I feel  
written and  illustrated by Janan Cain     (Age range 2-8)

Wonderful colors and silly sayings help children learn about feelings.  A good book for teaching about feelings as well as just having fun with. 

15. Frederick  
by Leo Lionni     (Age range 4-8)