Some resources for parents...

There are numerous resources for parents when it comes to learning about dialogic reading and reading to their children in general. The best known authority on reading out loud is undoubtable Jim Trelease. His book The Read-aloud Handbook is now in the sixth edition and still going strong. As an original proponent of reading out loud to small children as a means to improve thinking skills and communications, he made the ideas of reading out loud a more main stream concept. Since his start, more has been discussed about reading out loud and the best ways to use it as a tool.

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These sites can be helpful to parents who are interested in learning more about the theories and ideas behind dialogic reading. Several tips are available to help parents or caregivers in addition to book suggestions, how to videos and additional information via links or books. This site has articles and information on dialogic reading. How to videos are included for parents who want a visual reference.
A simple description and outline of how dialogic reading works, this article is clear and easy to understand.
This article is an outline geared more toward educators with basic information on the how, why and benefits  of dialogic reading The link takes the parent or caregiver to a site in the King County Library system that provides tips on reading out loud, books to read for different ages, finger plays and songs for having a fun time incorporating dialogic reading into every day activities.